The Judicial Academy Jharkhand was established by Gazette notification dated 7th March, 2002 and its headquarter is located at Ranchi. The governance, control and administration of the academy is vested in a governing body. Hon’ble the Chief Justice of High Court of Jharkhand is the Chairman of the governing body and his Lordship is also the Patron-in-Chief.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Virender Singh
The Chief Justice Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi
Hon'ble Judges, Member of the Governing Body  
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad
Judge, Jharkhand High Court
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Prashant Kumar
Judge, Jharkhand High Court
Hon'ble Members of the Executive Committee  
Hon'ble Mr. Justice D. N Upadhyay
Judge, Jharkhand High Court
Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Chandrashekhar
Judge, Jharkhand High Court
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh
Judge, Jharkhand High Court
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rangan Mukhopadhyay
Judge, Jharkhand High Court
Hon'ble Mr. Justice H.C. Mishra
Judge, Jharkhand High Court
Shri Gautam Kumar Choudhary
Principal Secretary, Dept. of Planning-cum-Finance


  • To impart training to In-service judicial officers of Jharkhand state, such persons who have been selected, proposed or recommended for appointment as officers in the Jharkhand Judicial Service, the members of the Registry of the Jharkhand High Court and the ministerial staff of the Hon’ble High Court and State Judiciary.

  • To impart training to the In-service officers of the state government, G.Ps, P.Ps, I.O’s and others as may be nominated for such purpose.
    Example : The training shall include study courses relating to legal, para-legal and judicial or quasi judicial subjects and matters.

  • To conduct courses of various types and for varying durations for the purposes of the aforesaid training.

  • To disseminate legal and judicial knowledge and to equip and prepare judicial officers for the discharge of their functions and duties.

  • To create an atmosphere ideally conducive and fundamentally congenial for ensuring that the Judicial Service of Jharkhand state in particular, and other services in general, reach levels of excellence and inspire confidence of the highest order among the members of the public.

  • To bring about closer levels of interaction between the members of the Bar and the Bench, and the three organs of the state, namely, Legislature, Executive and Judiciary and to take all positive and effective steps in that direction.

  • To organize Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and Debates in furtherance of aforesaid and other related objects.

  • To create awareness amongst masses about their rights, duties and obligations and to help the people in the enforcement of such rights and realization of such duties and obligations.

  • To arrange for and to bring closer inter-action with other organizations and institutions for achieving the objectives for which the Academy has been set up.

  • To fix or lay down such other objectives as may be prescribed from time to time by the governing body with the approval of the state government.

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